Curbside Junk Pickup Services

If you simply leave your junk out on the curb and let us know about it, we’ll be able to swing by and pick it up in no time at all!

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A Convenient Junk Hauling Solution in Denton County

If you’re capable of moving your junk around, but you don’t want to haul it to a landfill, then we’ve got a great offering for you! With our curbside junk pickup services, you can just put your stuff on the curb. Mean Green Junk Removal will roll over there in our truck, load those things up, and leave you clean and clutter-free. This fantastic service is available in our hometown of Denton, TX, as well as many other nearby locations.

Why Our Curbside Collection Services?

When you compare us to public curbside trash pickup, you’ll notice a staggering difference. While public sanitation workers reject all sorts of junk, we take almost all of it. Consider this. The city won’t want you to overflow your collection bin, nor will they want you to put out too many electronics, appliances, or pieces of yard waste. At Mean Green Junk Removal, we’re not so strict. We’ll take whatever you put out for us as long as it isn’t hazardous. What’s more, we’ll take as much as you can provide!

How much do our curbside junk pickup services cost? Less than full-service junk removal, actually. It’s less work for us, and we’ll make sure our curbside waste prices reflect that. What you owe us will be based on the amount of truck space your curb junk uses. This means that whether your job is big or small, the final cost scales accordingly!

How it Works

  1. When you contact us online, you’ll get the opportunity to let us know what we can expect to pick up. We’ll provide you with a cost estimate in return.
  2. After ensuring that we have lots of truck space, we’ll gather up our crew and drive to your location. We will always be right on time.
  3. Whether you’re there or not, we’ll be able to load all that curbside junk into our truck. Our hardworking team hauls it all in a flash!
  4. Finally, we will dispose of all the junk we collected. Since our truck is so large, we can finish our work in a minimal amount of trips.

Large Item Pickup Services in Denton County, TX

You might be wondering if we can accept even your largest items. We’re here to let you know that we’re up to the challenge. You can leave curbside furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, and other big items out on the street for us, and we’ll be able to lift them into our truck. Of course, if you are struggling to take those heavy objects off your property, don’t forget that we can always do the heavy lifting for you. Our full-service junk removal costs a little extra, so figure out whether you’d rather save money or energy on this sort of project!

About Us

Mean Green Junk Removal is a veteran-owned junk removal business. We love our country, and we love our local community, too. That’s why we work hard—so our neighborhoods can get top-notch junk removal services filled with American spirit! Our curbside junk pickup services are fast and affordable, as our the rest of our offerings, so don’t hesitate to contact us and book any sort of appointment today!

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  • review rating

    The guys came the same day I called. I was in a time crunch to get everything out of my garage that day. They came early and got to work. They were able to take everything and even swept the garage. Will definitely use them again!!

    Audrey Bryant
  • review rating

    The guys were very professional. Arrived on time and we’re very careful when removing the furniture. I will definitely use them again.

    Tamarra Liddle
  • review rating

    They were here promptly at 8:00 and took care of hauling away what I needed. Two gentlemen were friendly and responsive and provided good customer servicern

    James Weel
  • review rating

    They were super nice and responsive. I was able to schedule a pickup within a few hours and they arrived sooner for us since they finished their previous job early. They were in and out with everything in about fifteen minutes. They removed a heavy couch and live seat as well as a few dressers. Will be using again if I need to get rid of anything.

    Aaron Schuler
  • review rating

    Mean Green called and arrived on time. They gave me a quote for junk removal which was less than I expected! They had great equipment and promptly loaded junk. Men were very courteous, presented me with invoice, accepted payment and left. I was extremely pleased with service.

    Danny McAllister
  • review rating

    Super fast cleanup! I was able to schedule same day junk removal pickup and they called to come even earlier than expected! They were here for less than an hour and got things out to their truck QUICK! I still can’t believe how fast they got things done and I had quite a bit of stuff! Thank you for the service!

    Brittney Flynn
  • review rating

    I would highly recommend Mean Green. They were extremely professional, on time and great to work with. I really appreciated their great communication and dedication to doing a good job. I will definitely use their service again!

    Michael Schultz


Get in touch with Mean Green Junk removal by emailing us at or giving us a call at 940-758-5300.